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A variable frequency drive (VFD) motor control is the most efficient way to run the fan in an HVAC system.

You can save thousands of dollars in electric energy costs by throttling down the speed of the fan when demand is low, instead of choking off the air supply while the fan still runs at full speed. Any system can be converted to a constant static pressure regulating plenum by using an analog pressure transducer feeding back to the fan drive.

Other added benefits of the VFD are:

  • Reduced wear on mechanical parts.
  • Reduced belt wear.
  • Less vibration & noise.
  • Smooth acceleration & deceleration.
  • Favorable power factor.
  • Reliable drive operation.
  • Payback less than 10 years.
  • Tax credits may apply.

Call us for an estimate on your system and see how much you can save!

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